Adsaccelerator Course

Patrick Wind explains in his course some basic aspects like that nowadays a lot of online marketers are interacting with the wrong people with the wrong message which are boring and statics ads with the incorrect format.

Nevertheless, this is Wind’s opinion and due to the fact that they don’t even know how to configure it properly a retargeting funnel because they are doing it a static way instead of playing dynamic ads of products, collection ads and all of that stuff.

On the other hand, Wind indicates that not should focus more on CPC or cost per click. Not focusing on CPM what is increasing and should focus on the relevancy neither. These 3 KPI are everything on what everybody focuses nowadays.

Based on a published article by the prestigious site Adweek, he says that you shouldn’t be worried about the traffic price. You should really worry about traffic quality and therefore it doesn’t matter if it is more expensive or not If the Funnel’s KPI belongs stable or just improve.

Patrick Wind Course

The only three KPI where people need to center is Amount of sales, What means the conversion rate, value of anything related to the selling and then a unique compliment for shopping carts.

Most of the time people start with the paying process only after buying two or three times, then it denies their card and finally the pixel’s algorithm counts two or three times, which isn’t good.

In most of Wind’s courses, he indicates as advice is that you need to focus more on the initial unique payments, the unique compliments to understand the process. After that, focus on selling quantities and the rate that it gets, the volume and rate of sales.

He also says that we should forget about superior KPI funnels what is everything on the people is focused nowadays. It is known that traffic is getting more expensive but if you convert correctly the quality level is good and you won’t care about traffic price